About Us

PMI Equipment specializes in high quality compact equipment which allow access to tight spaces. As a business owner, these machines will help your business grow and become more profitable while reducing the burden on laborers. As a homeowner, these machines allow you to get your project done while saving your back. Products such as tracked dumping caddies, motorized wheelbarrows, masonry saws and plate tampers will help you to get the job done effectively and efficiently. With high end products supplied by Power Pac, a German manufacturer, you can rely on the quality of our products. The small transport machines have already proven to be extremely useful in the landscaping industry and have enormous potential in many other construction related industries. PMI Equipment's electric equipment gains you access to even further restricted access areas such as indoors, underground and in sensitive areas.

PMI Equipment started off due to a need for specialized machines in the stonework industry. Patio Magic was created by the owner of PMI in 1992 and since then has become very successful in transforming residential outdoor spaces. Their specialization is stonework including paving stone, retaining wall, ponds and waterfalls. Given the nature of the company, a lot of heavy lifting and transporting is required. To help alleviate this heavy load, Patio Magic imported a few of the small transport machines which have been hugely beneficial to the company. As a result of this huge success, PMI Equipment was created to make these machines accessible to other companies and industries. To this day Patio Magic puts these machines hard at work and continues to see the enormous benefits of reduced heavy physical labor, higher efficiency and increased profit. In fact they can no longer imagine how they functioned with out them!

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about these machines or would like to place an order with us. We are proud to currently be the only authorized Canadian distributor of Power Pac equipment.